Famous windows stand

Stein glass window is the most well-known stein glass structure among the people, especially in Iran. It is sometimes confused with “sash” windows or the art of Chinese knots. But the truth is that there are many differences between stein glass and Chinese knot, which we will discuss in this article. The window is the most important element in ventilation and light entering the environment and is also important in terms of beauty. Windows are divided into different types in terms of material, how they open and size. The importance of windows and their types Windows are one of the elements of interior and exterior decoration. So its beauty is important from two aspects. Due to their role in directing light inwards, they are usually made of glass.

Reflective glass, due to its properties due to lack of visibility to the interior, is mostly used in residential buildings (especially in Iran) and is usually used as a double-walled to prevent energy loss.

There are different types of windows, each of which can be used as needed.

Hinged windows: This is the most common type of window and has been very common since ancient times.
Sliding window: This type of window, as its name suggests, opens and closes in a sliding manner and has the advantage that it does not collide with household items or people when opening and closing.
Funnel window: The newest type of window is the same type, which is very popular due to its beauty and ease of use. This type of window also allows air flow into the house well.
Stand glass windows from ancient times to today
About 800 years ago in Europe, the first windows were made with the Stein Glass technique for church use.

Stein glass windows at that time were mostly made with the design of sacred statues.

Examples of statues of Jesus Christ and Mary are still remembered in churches.

Since then, this art has undergone changes.

Significant progress has been made in the technical quality of this technique and construction designs.

Centuries ago, this art was specific to churches, but today, this art knows no boundaries and can be used in any place and in any way.

Today, this art is not just about making windows, and there is also the ability to make Stein Glass domes, Stein Glass skylights, and Stein Glass doors, which are beyond the scope of this discussion.