How do beautiful entrance doors affect the space?

Entrance doors are the focal point in the exterior design of your space. Progress in the design and construction of doors happens quickly and every day we see new designs in this field. Competition between architects for newer designs for front doors is increasing every day, and so is customer expectations. Usual expectations of one at the entrance Nowadays, doors do not only play the role of a barrier between outside and inside the house. With the passage of time and fundamental changes in lifestyle and, consequently, changes in architectural styles, new needs have arisen. The door is very important as the first point of contact of the audience with the structure. When entering, the first point you touch is at the entrance and when leaving, the last point of the building is in front of you. That is why the effect that a beautiful door gives to a building can not be compared to anything. In addition to being beautiful, the doors of the building must also have a proper function, depending on the position of the door and the wishes of the employer, the door can be seen inside the house or not. Strength and resistance to possible impact and theft are also important points that should not be forgotten. Special features of one at the entrance Since today the desire to have a luxurious and glorious space is felt more than before, architecture has not left this need unanswered by creating luxury elements. In addition, the use of glass as a new material in architecture has created a great variety in this field. Stained glass can be a good option for luxury buildings. Stein glass can be considered the art of colored reinforced glass that has been used for many years in the world to make doors and windows. Born from churches, this art has gradually opened its way to modern and luxurious architecture and has various designs for different architectural styles from Western classics to modern and traditional Iranian. Because stained glass is divided into small pieces according to a pre-determined design and reinforced with lead-metal, they have sufficient strength and durability to be used on doors. And also because of the special beauty they give to the environment, they can be a good option for the doors of luxury residential and office buildings.

The effect of stainless glass doors on the building
Depending on the place of use, the doors can be made entirely of stainless glass or part of them can be made of stainless glass. Due to the importance of protection, the entrance doors of the building are usually made more durable than the interior doors of the building, and for this reason, the entrance doors are usually made of a combination of stainless glass and other materials such as wood or metal.

In contrast, interior doors that are less protective can be made entirely of stainless glass. The harmony of the design and the role between the interior doors and the entrance made of stainless glass can add to the beauty and splendor of the space. Stained glass, tempered glass, and stained glass with tinplates made of tin and lead, together with the overall design, form a fine-grained and well-patterned glass carpet that is considered one of the most ancient arts. In this field, it is still known as a luxury art in interior and exterior architecture.