Reverse stand glass dome
Reverse stand glass dome
Reverse stand glass dome
Reverse stand glass dome

This stand glass chandelier, which is executed in the form of an inverted dome at the entrance of a tower, was made and installed with a Moroccan design and the use of colored glass.

The rustic architectural style of the building guided the designer’s mind to the point that this glass can be designed in a special and attractive way using Moroccan designs to create a different feeling from a unique chandelier at the entrance of the building.

The colored glass used in this stainless glass dome is woven like a carpet of glass that spreads its colored lights on the surface of the entrance stone.

This dome is made of iron profile with an arched form downwards and a band on the side of the work, and the glasses of this ten-layer have a different design, which together form a single role, and make this small and delicate structure They are eye-catching and attractive.

Under the stained glass, a thin and transparent layer was used to protect the dome from dust and dirt and to be easy to clean in the future.

From inside the dome, a suitable light source was installed so that in addition to providing interior light, the beauty of this dome during the day and night welcomes the residents and guests of this beautiful and luxurious building.

Technical Specifications:

Diameter: 2.5 meters
Height 60 cm
Number of lats: 10 lats
Style: Traditional Moroccan
Project location: Tehran, Farmaniyeh
Designer: Zahra Tootzari
Performed by Archie Taj Ensemble
Year of implementation: 98