Stand glass on the false ceiling

The living space of this penthouse in the Azimiyeh area of ​​Karaj, with its luxurious and special design, needed glass with a small pattern and color to create a warm and pleasant light in the interior. Handmade and colored glass that is woven together like a carpet and becomes integrated, and with the passage of light, both naturally and with lighting, a role of color can be seen on the floor or walls.

Part of this roof was located under the skylight of the building, which benefits from natural light, and the other part is located under the false ceiling, which provides light to the interior space with lighting next to the glass. The dimensions of the colored glass parts of this handmade stainless glass are very small and this has made the work very delicate and attractive.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 95 * 95
Number: 5 pcs
Style: Classic
Project location: Karaj-Azimiyeh
Designer: Zahra Tootzari
Performed by Archie Taj