Stein Glass Mehraz Dome Project
Stein Glass Mehraz Dome Project
Stein Glass Mehraz Dome Project
Stein Glass Mehraz Dome Project

Mehraz Company (manufacturer of wooden products) in order to design its sales office from the stand glass collection requested cooperation in the field of dome design to confirm the top of the stairs of the theater.

The building of this project is a duplex building, in the roof of this staircase there is a square in the shape of 2.5 meters and the staircase leads to the show room on the lower floor.

Stein Glass Mehraz Dome Project
It is a German dome that has a circular cross-section, but the wall in this building has a square cross-section, and there was a need to build a frame to turn this square wall into the cross-section required for a dome.

The frame of the structure is made of steel profile sections that are bent according to the plan during the cold light process and then the joints are completely welded and form the main frame.

In the center of this square section, a circle with a diameter of 2.5 meters has been created, which separates the corners of the square from the circular part in an elastic manner, and the elasticities are considered as flats, as the pictures show.

It should be noted that all stages of design and execution have been done according to the regulations of design and construction of steel structures and all stages have been approved by the Engineering System Organization.

Once fully implemented, the steel frame is completely coated with an electrostatic paint that is resistant to sulfation for years.

The design of stein glass in this structure is done in a classic fantasy style and it uses cut glass, colored glass with turquoise and green tones and oven painted glass.

The oven painting glasses seen in the design in red are first created as paintings on the glass, then the glasses are placed in the oven and baked at a temperature of 800 degrees. The final glass is an integrated unit of glass. And it has become a color that will remain the same for years to come.

After making stein glass slats and installing them on the metal frame, the polymer sheets are installed from outside the dome. ) Are covered. By performing these steps, the structure will be resistant to water penetration and climate change will not have an effect on the skylight structure.

Dome diameter: 2.5 meters
Height: 0.9 meters
Number of pieces: 15 pieces
Style: Classic Fantasy
Project location: Zafaranieh (office)
Designer: Zahra Tootzari
Moderator: Archi Taj Engineering Group
Year of construction: 94