University Pool Glass Roof Project
University Pool Glass Roof Project

This project is the glass roof of a public swimming pool at North Amol University. The main structure of this very large roof, which should be made of monolithic glass and in some parts stainless glass, has been executed as a space structure and laminated safety glass has been installed on it. These glasses direct natural light into the space and make the interior of the pool very attractive and unique to create a good feeling for athletes and people.

Since this sports complex is located in a multi-hectare field with the Olympic Hotel and its visitors and guests are special people, it is intended that this roof be decorated with pieces of stein glass. The proposed design for this space is to use large pieces of colored glass in which abstract forms move. In this design, the designer seeks to create colored lights and special glitter.

The main roof is covered from the outside by laminated glass with dimensions of 1.5 x 3. Installation of these glasses, due to the large dimensions and fineness of the structures used in the space structure, requires the skill of the executive team, which has been done in the best way by Archi Taj staff.

Design and manufacture of stand glass as the next phase of this project is underway to be installed in the lower part of the structure and falsely after production in Archi Taj workshop and transportation to the project site.

Phase one of this project started in November and was completed in mid-December, and its sealing was completed. This project is being implemented by Archi Taj Engineering Complex.

Technical Specifications :

Dimensions of Skylight: 27 * 44 meters
Style: Modern Abstract
Project location: North University