Stein glass chandelier

Light is one of the most influential factors in the interior design of a space. How the interior is seen has a direct relationship with the type, intensity and manner of lighting that space. It does not matter how the interior is decorated; Apart from the classic or modern architectural style, light in your space is an important and effective element. By using this element correctly, you can introduce the spaces that have more light and contrast to the audience with more emphasis and the spaces that are less skipped. This contrast can take the interior space out of monotony and attract the audience’s eyes to the space away from fatigue.

The role of chandeliers in interior decoration
The chandelier is the most important lighting element in the interior that can give a special splendor and effect to the interior decoration. Chandeliers with a variety of sizes, materials and sizes can be used for any space. In general, chandeliers provide general light and make the space look uniform and without contrast. Lampshades, on the other hand, can eliminate this monotony and create a new and beautiful combination by creating contrast and light shadows in the light. It depends on your taste whether to use the chandelier as a general lighting of the space or to add it as a decorative and luxurious element to the interior decoration of your home. A chandelier suitable for interior decoration can easily be a turning point in your space and dazzle all eyes. Chandeliers in different types: crystal, metal, glass, etc. are suitable for all styles of interior decoration, but the point It is important to install these beautiful elements carefully so that they are installed in the right place and at the right height.
Stein glass as a chandelier
Stein glass art is known as a decorative element on entrance doors and windows. And few people know about its use as a stein glass chandelier. This type of reinforced glass has various uses. In this article, we want to introduce you to a new use of stainless glass that, in addition to giving a beautiful effect to your space, can shine as a rare work of art in your home.

Inverted dome
Stein glass inverted domes have outstanding examples in the world, which is known as a magnificent work of art. On the roof of the Catalan Music Hall in Barcelona, ​​Spain, one of the most valuable examples of this art can be seen.
The skylight on the roof is flat in blue and symbolizes the sky, and there is an inverted dome in the center of the skylight, which reminds the viewer of the sun with bright yellow shadows. This type of inverted domes in residential spaces can play the role of a chandelier in a more beautiful way. Inside this stainless glass chandelier, lighting panels can be installed that allow light to pass through the colored glass evenly, or a simple chandelier can be used inside the stainless glass chandelier that reflects light in more or less parts of the glass. Pass the colors and give a beautiful effect to this work of art.

This type of chandelier can also be run as a skylight. If the inverted dome is installed in a place that is sunny, natural light can be used to illuminate the house; So that the light passes through the colored glass of the stainless glass chandelier and the colored light will enter the interior space. In the design of this particular type of chandelier, the glass used should be frosted because the possible installations and electrical and lighting devices in this structure should not be visible to the observer from inside the space.

Advantages of stainless glass chandeliers over ordinary chandeliers
The German chandelier is beautiful in the interior decoration, but it has been repeated in so many different spaces that it will no longer give a special charm to the space. Dazzle himself and few have ever seen such a German. The use of such elements in the interior will create splendor and will be a good choice for luxury and modern buildings.

Another advantage of stainless glass chandeliers over ordinary chandeliers is that in the design and form of these glasses, any role can be created, and in accordance with any architectural style, a design can be considered for colored glass installed on the inverted dome. In addition, no chandelier can be found that is illuminated by both natural light and electric lighting, and in this respect, the superiority of this particular chandelier over the chandeliers on the market is fully felt.