The effect of Stein Glass dome on a recreational-commercial environment

Today, many spaces with recreational-commercial uses are created in cities, and the purpose of building such places is generally to create a space for recreation, entertainment and leisure, along with creating employment and income.

The impact of recreational-commercial spaces on urban development
The debate over urban development is more about languages ​​today than ever before.

With the increase in population and the increasing acceleration of modernity, the need for spaces for the comfort and tranquility of people is felt more than ever.

One of the influential factors in sustainable urban development is the construction of such spaces, which is important in three aspects:

Increase public satisfaction
tourist attraction
Creating sustainable employment
The need for such spaces has led to the construction of even cities with this focus that are world famous.

Cities like Las Vegas, Dubai, and Macau, because of the fame they have gained from having such spaces around the world, host large numbers of tourists from all over the world every year, which has boosted the economies of those cities as well.

Highlights of a leisure-business environment
Proper interior and exterior decoration design can be a special and influential feature of a recreational-commercial environment.

The impact that the architecture of a space can have on the mind of the audience is not comparable to any of the other influencing factors.

Forms, shapes and colors can carry mental messages for the audience in perfect harmony with each other.

Sometimes the creation of cultural symbols and signs is the strength of such an atmosphere.

The presence of elements that are engraved in the mind of the audience and create a positive feeling will definitely be a factor to bring the audience back or attract new audiences to that space